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Safe4Care, founded in 2010, is a Danish company engaged in the production, development and sale of anti-decubitus, pressure relieving products for the health care market. Our products are mainly made of the unique washable visco-elastic ViscoSafe foam.

The people behind the company have been working with visco-elastic foam for the health care sector since the early 1980s, enabling them to benefit from a wealth of know-how, knowledge and experience.

With Safe4Care we want to share – with those who care – products which do what they claim to do. It is our vision to develop and manufacture precisely the products you need.

Visco-elastic foam covers a variety of foams with very different qualities, ranging from inexpensive, simple and slowly responding foams to expensive, sophisticated foams with specific properties. We have chosen to only work with high-quality foams, which possess the specific properties that are essential for use in nursing environments.

It is the vision of Safe4Care to become, in co-operation with competent and committed partners, the first choice provider of top-quality foam products to customers worldwide


We make every effort to keep things simple. Our products, systems and guidelines are easy and convenient to use and do not require great expertise or advanced technology. They are made to withstand long-term tough use and rough handling. All products can be maintained and cleaned locally and reused multiple times.

When one day the product is worn out, you can dispose of it with a clear conscience knowing that it does not contain any harmful ingredients.

Please consider the environmental aspects of your purchase!

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