Safe4Care Overlay Mattresses

Safe4Care overlay mattresses in prime visco-elastic SAF foam with colour coding for easy handling in hospitals and nursing homes.

  • Yellow = soft
  • Pink = medium
  • Grey = firm








Safe4Care overlay mattresses key features:

  • Safe4Care Overlay Mattresses are high-quality, long-life products adding important value to your caregiving.
  • SAF foam reacts to body heat. Softens and moulds to the exact shape of the body making the support area significantly larger and thereby reduces pressure.
  • SAF foam has a homogeneous cell structure with open cells with very strong cell walls. The open cell structure provides good ventilation in the mattresses, thus ensuring comfortable temperatures and humidity levels.
  • SAF foam is heavy, but compared to other visco-elastic foams it is light and very easy to handle because of its extremely high tensile strength. It does not fall apart even when handled and used without a cover.
  • SAF foam is safe to use without a cover. The foam can be machine washed at up to 95° C and tumble dried. It is therefore easy to reuse in demanding hospital and nursing home environments.
  • Mattresses can be used with a PU-cover in hospital and nursing home environments for easy cleaning... but a PU-cover will always increase temperature and humidity levels in the contact area between body and cover, making the risk for skin damage higher and at the same time reducing comfort.
  • SAF foam is CFC- and halogen-free and no toxic compounds are added. Therefore SAF is classified as completely harmless and may be disposed of accordingly after use.
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