The Safe4Care hygienic, washable, visco-elastic positioning system
The Safe4Care positioning cushions are made of genuine granulated washable visco-elastic foam.
The Safe4Care positioning range provides nursing staff with a safe and hygienic support system.
Safe4Care positioning cushions provide firm support whilst absorbing any shape.
Various shapes in numerous sizes provide endless pressure reducing, comfortable patient positioning possibilities.
11 good reasons :
The Safe4Care products are made of high-quality visco-elastic foam with an open cell structure that responds to temperature and pressure changes.
Adapt to the contours of the body.
Soft and comfy, but delivers constant and stable support.
Distribute body weight evenly.
Relieve the pressure on pressure points.
Can be used in the bed, chair, wheelchair… Ensure adequate ventilation of the skin and absorb humidity.
Maintain a comfortable body temperature.
Hygienic: This unique visco-elastic foam can be washed, autoclaved, heat sterilised and dried.
Can be washed numerous times without losing its volume or visco-elastic qualities.
You can choose between velour or PU incontinence covers.

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