Safe4Care Simplex

  • Better and faster adapting to body shape.
  • Anti-Decubitus prevention.
  • Significant better airflow and lower moisture concentration.
  • Suitable for person weight up to 130 Kg.


Safe4Care Simplex is a pressure distributing mattress for all-round use securing basic decubitus prevention.
Using only 3 cm Pink SAF at the top with our special cutting provides a support surface with sufficient pressure relieving abilities without inhibiting self mobility.
Due to the strength of our Safe4Care safe SAF foam it’s possible – by cutting – to create an open surface, thus significantly reducing the heat accumulation known to occur in dense foam materials.
The base layer consist of 9 cm high quality 38 kg HR foam.
The Safe4Care Simplex mattress is suitable for person weight up to 130 kg.


  • Anti-Decubitus prevention.
  • Suitable for low and moderate risk patients.
  • Special cuttings enhances the foams mouldable qualities.
  • Special cuttings increases airflow.
  • Special cuttings decreases Shear forces.
  • Perfect for use in Nursing or Hospital bed with three or four sectioned mattress support.
  • Semi permeable Safe4Care-Flex cover with zipper on three sides. The cover is cleanable with most common disinfectants or it can be washed at 95° C.
  • The Safe4Care-Flex cover is available in a variety of colours.
  • The foam core can be washed at up to 95° C or autoclaved.


Decubitus Prevention

The Safe4Care Simplex mattress is used for prevention of pressure sores and other kinds of skin damage caused by pressure and shear forces. Suitable for low and moderate risk patients. Bear in mind that a good pressure relieving mattress can not substitute repositioning routines and blood circulation stimulation.


Safe4Care Simplex mattress are also suitable as a support surface in connection with healing of pressure sores. Of course special consideration must be given to ensure total pressure relief of damaged skin areas during healing

Standard Dimensions

Other sizes available on request.

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