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unique visco-elastic foams

ViscoSafe is a range of unique visco-elastic foams. The mix of polyester and polyether gives the foam a number of very special properties.
Density ranging from 45 to 150 kg/m³, compression load deflection from 1.5 to 65 kPa and tensile strength from 70 to 450 kPa. Especially the very high tensile strength values are exceptional for this kind of foam.
ViscoSafe differ from conventional foam qualities by their pronounced visco-elastic behaviour.
The reaction of the foam material is highly dependent on the rate of application of force: ViscoSafe reacts to slow force application with a viscous behaviour, shock-like force application produces absorbing behaviour.
The visco-elastic behaviour is strongly dependent on temperatures and humidity.

ViscoSafe key features:

  • The visco content is achieved by means of an integrated and homogeneous formula.
  • No volatile components in the ViscoSafe. Migration of volatile materials in normal use is, therefore, not possible.
  • ViscoSafe is made without the addition of toxicologically questionable materials. Migration of such compounds is, therefore, not possible.
  • ViscoSafe is classified as completely harmless. Washable in accordance with valid Safe4Care washing instructions. – Up to 95° C.
  • Average weight of mattresses and cushions is 60 kg/m³ – Simple, manageable mattress construction for hospital personnel and end users.
  • Products made of ViscoSafe visco-elastic foam are extremely robust and tear resistant.
  • All ViscoSafe products are made by traditional conversion techniques. The open-celled surface and mass structure facilitate air ventilation of the products.
  • Air flow minimum 2.5 ft³/min.

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